Under Standing Rule 93, all reports to the House of the Auditor General, all Public Accounts, and all annual reports of government departments, provincial agencies, boards and commissions stand permanently referred to the Public Accounts Committee.

The Committee reviews the report of the Auditor General and the revenue and expenditures of each government department for the prior fiscal year. The Auditor General and senior officials from each department appear before the Committee. The Committee also reviews the annual reports, financial statements and operations of the various Crown agencies, and calls senior corporate executives before it to answer questions.

The Public Accounts Committee is the only committee chaired by a Member of the Official Opposition.

Committee Membership

Chiasson, Chuck
Wetmore, Ross
  • Wetmore, Ross

    Vice Chair
  • Progressive Conservative Party
  • Gagetown - Petitcodiac
Ames, Richard
Anderson-Mason, Andrea
Carr, Jeff
  • Carr, Jeff

  • Progressive Conservative Party
  • New Maryland - Sunbury
Conroy, Michelle
Legacy, René
McKee, Robert
Mitton, Megan
Turner, Greg
Wilson, Sherry

Recent Meetings

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